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Fully mixed and radio-ready songs!

It's all about the song, so let's help you get the best out of it!

We'll arrange, record and produce your music: from hip-hop, rock, gospel to orchestral and anything in-between.

Starting with pre-production, to tracking a small band live in studio, or building your perfect track layer by layer with our experienced producer, we'll help you go all the way, sounding great!

Broadcast compliant final mixes for TV as well as film in stereo as well as 5.1 mixes. We offer Dialogue enhancement, noise removal, sound design, and gripping original musical scores. We'll final mix your TV series, Film, Documentary or your company's in-house media, all with  international quality. We can also do remote sessions with Skype or Source Connect as an ISDN alternative.

We record brilliant and gripping Voice Overs - anything from a short Advertisement for radio, to film overdubs, ADR and  Podcasts. Bring in your professional VO artist, or we can help find you the perfect match. 

Recording a song  |  Voice Overs  |  Sound to picture  |  Mixing  | Mastering

Listen to our previous works



Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal - There Will Be Time (Live in South Africa)



Gideon has been privileged enough to work on the post production on the Mumford and Sons live in South Africa DVD, with the talented engineer - Johan Van der Colff - Mastermax Productions.

Bottomless Coffee Band, Live in studio - Folsom Prison Blues - [Johnny Cash COVER]




This talented DUO did a great take on the song of Jonny Cash.  We did a completely live studio recording, with no editing, auto tune or punch in takes. Recorded 18 channels of high quality audio tracks for a 2 piece band!

Kokkedoor Theme Song

TV Series

Composer : Gideon MurrayProduction Company : Homebrew ProductionsThis is the theme song for the award winning local Afrikaans reality cook-off TV show for Kyknet (DSTV).

Klein Karoo Trailer

Feature Film Music

Co-Composer : Gideon Murray  Production company : Kaapland Films  Gideon co-composed the song called "Jas" playing at the end of this trailer which also plays in the beginning of this feature film.

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First off, we believe it's all about the song, making sure the song itself is great, the arrangement of the instruments, song structure, vibe, vocals, THEN the gear.

However we love gear and we only use great gear and tools that help the music shine.

Located in the heart of Cape Town CBD, our studios form part of a music hub of other audio related business and within walking distances from coffee shops, grocery and other stores.


We have a spacious control room, a small liveroom (big enough for a drumkit and small band) and a ISO booth for vocals/guitars. As many as 8 band members can be recorded simultaneously with 24 multitracks


We have a a beautiful old upright Blüthner piano, as well as the usual instruments, including (bass, acoustic, electric, keyboard, djembe, classic, ukulele etc.

Gear manufacturers we use :

Apple, AKG, Miktek, Shure, Martin & Co, Ernie Ball, Sansamp, TC Electronics, Alesis, Avid, Tannoy, Yamaha,Roland, M-Audio, 

Universal Audio with Neve, SSL, & more, Focusrite, Fostex, Samson,

Vintage, Vox, Hartke, ElectroVoice, K&M, 

We own tons of software midi instruments (all legally) including drum and loop packs, synths, samplers, vintage compressors / eq's, pianos, guitar pedals fx, audio restoration tools, and DDP creation software.

Please contact us if you require anything specific on your session.



2015 Wawela Awards (SAMRO)

2015 Mzanzi Gospel Awards

From stage, to front of house, to studio, Gideon Murray is no stranger in the music scene,​

with more than 15 years experience, he started as a full time musician with a performing arts groups for 4 years, 2 of which touring America including cities like Nashville, Dallas, Los Angeles, Denver, Saint Louis etc.

In 2008 he started his own company, Katalyst Music Productions and since have worked on various Film and TV based projects.

Rooted as a musician, experienced Engineer, Gideon produced and scored many tracks


* MUMFORD & SONS Live at Pretoria (2016) [Assistant Engineer]


* Feature films - Baroudeur (Final Mix), Klein Karoo (Featured composition)

* Kokkedoor theme song (Composer) [Wawela 2015 Nominee]

* World Cup Opening Ceremony 2010, (Engineer)

* Busi Mhlongo - Amalkolwa believers (Engineered on platinum selling album)

* Proesstraat TV series, (Engineer)

* Angus Buchan, (Musician)

* Presidential State banquet - (Engineer) Libertas choir

* Composition (The Roar film (2018)


Worked with local and internationally known artists such as :

Hugh Masekela,

Busi Mhlongo,

Lebo M,


Soweto string quarted,

John Ellis (Tree63),

Andriette Norman,

Riana Nel


Tom Felton (Malfoy in Harry Potter)

...and has worked on various other artists and projects since, too many to mention here.




Nominee for best composition in a TV production 2015.

Kokkedoor theme song on Kyknet 

Won the best Rock album of 2015.

GLO Worship Ministries - Son's of God

Produced & Engineered this album




Some artists he's work with live

Gideon Murray



Other artists/projects :

Louis Brittz, Munro du Toit, Martelize van Niekerk, Retief Burger, Cofield Mundi, Reinhardt Bonke, Johan Heystek, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Heinz Winkler, Joe Niemand, Soweto string quartet, Wian Vos, Luidkeels, Luidkids, Helena Smith, Anders, Gwendoline Kriek, Zamar, Halrika Breytenbach, Pierre Dianda, Kris tell, Luidkids, Luidkeels, Resoulution, Chris Else, Strikdas, GLO worship ministries, Andriette de la Harpe, Christiaan, Bottomless Coffee band, Emo Adams, AKing, Kaleidoskoop, Carel Otto, Didi, Carlyn Fransman, Jonny Jackman, Julani J, Ryan Tawse, Triveno Smith, Andriette de la Harpe, Cape Town Chamber Choir, Libertas Choir, St Paul's Choir, Carmelita, Chris Else, Cobus Tait, Douglas, Jodi Cash, Hilandi du Toit, Lilly Green, Lizelle van Blommestein, Monet, Christo Murray, Renate Riedeman, Riel Malan, Werner Carstens, Zolile's gospel choir, Lourindo, Zamar, Reg Ingwe, Wian Vos, Nia Nel, Gwendoline Kriek, Grethe van Aswegen, Marina du Toit, David Liprini, Janna Kweis, Tim Theron, Helmut Meijer, Sven Blumer, Helene Burger, Kinkel en Konkel, Eben van Lill, Mia Breet, Josh stix Smith, Reinee Tereblanch - Brand, Stephan Cloete, Rush Minaar, Nico Venter, Die Kaapse Affodille, Die Wynmaker, Graphic Harvest, Jonny Jackman, Jandre Viljoen, 

Corporate clients


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Please note, as we are not a label, we do not sign / sponsor upcoming artists

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